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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When Girls were Boys and Boys were Girls

Interesting title, huh? Check out the new show opening on Friday, April 19 and running through April 10, 2010. The exhibition is displayed in the windows of Leslie/Lohman so you can only see it from the street. The opening reception is 7-9pm at the gallery.

When Girls Were Boys and Boys Were Girls is an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Grace Moon and Jen P. Harris, respectively. Focusing on portraiture, the artists use the media of oil, ink and pencil to explore themes of romance, androgyny and homosexuality in queer pop culture.

The show is curated by Cora Lambert who is on the Board of Directors of Leslie+Lohman. Each artist has four pieces in the show.

Of course it is best viewed after sundown.

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