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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Carlo Pittore

On Saturday, 13 March 2010 there will be a special one evening preview exhibition of paintngs by Carlo Pittore. Prices will reflect significant reductions for collectors and members.

This is a prelude to a full exhibition of paintings running from November 23, 2010 - January 15, 2011 when the full market value of the work will be in effect.
CARLO PITTORE was not only a painter of note but he was also a major force in the "mail art" movement of the 1960s - 1990s.  

Carlo Pittore (b. Charles Stanley, 1943-2005) was an internationally renowned painter and mail artist who lived and worked in New York City, Southern Italy, and Bowdoinham, Maine. Over the course of his 40-year career Pittore created a prodigious body of work, adding his unique vision to the American figurative tradition. A pioneer of the mail art movement in the 1970s, he contributed pieces to over 1,000 mail art exhibitions and corresponded with such mail art luminaries as Buster Cleveland, Ray Johnson, and the iconic performance-artist, writer and publisher Bern Porter.

Pittore's work resides in numerous private and institutional collections, including the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Smithsonian Institution's Archives of American Art, the Ruth and Marvin Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry, and the Portland Museum of Art.

A broad range of Pittore's nudes, both male and female, will be on view.

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